Rest in peace, Antonio. May the afterlife’s embrace bring you solace.

What kind of existence is it if you perpetually starve and deprive yourself of honesty? In the end, when you’re 6 feet under ground, or burnt to ashes in a lovely little urn, what will you leave behind for others to remember you by? Once you’re past life’s threshold and fall into the afterlife’s inevitable embrace - there will be no more words to be spoken from your lips to make things better, there will be no more discussions to fix unresolved business, and there will be no¬†more actions to undo what has been done.

My one, genuine word of advice is to always be honest. No matter the time, place or circumstance. Be truthful to who you love, cease to spend time and hold facades with people you don’t care about, and most of all, always keep in touch with your consciousness and who you really are.

You never know when it just might be too late.

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