I hope that in the end, when I shut my eyes for the very last time, every bit of resentment I have towards my father will be dissolved into blissful solace. Oh father, why have you hurt me so much? I feel like I am beyond repair.


Matias Santa Maria

Anonymous asked:
"Who are you?" It's Okano. I want to apologize for my behavior. It's weighing on my conscience. I feel like I caused conflict somewhere and dragged you down.

Send me a message off anon.

Who knows how many times we’ve been happy without realising it.

It’s hard to be happy about happiness — you get used to it right away, and you cease to notice it. Lightly veiling your other sentiments.

Until happiness becomes something you’ve lost.

Only then you realise you actually were.

You were happy, even if it was not all perfect. Because it’s never quite perfect — never. And that is good news, this: despite imperfections, you can be.

And perhaps, real happiness is nothing more than the ability to realise that in some point in time, you were.

Anonymous asked:
You up for a call? I gots to apologize to you.

Who are you?

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